A fake “Ronda Battery Technology” from Shenzhen

Article Type :  TechNews
Publish Date :  2017-02-16 14:33:57

There is a cheater named “Ronda Battery Technology Limited” make a battery website at our company name. The fake domain is www.rondabattery.com”.

From the fake site domain shows address and tel., it should be in Shenzhen city. We Ronda Group webistes are: www.ronda-battery.com (English) and www.ronda-group.com (Chinese) have no any relationship with such cheating firm of Ronda Battery Technology Limited.

Here remind all be care of such cheater firm to avoid any economy loss. 
Please report us if you already be cheated by the guy from www.rondabattery.com and Ronda Battery Technology Limited.

The fake site pages are: